About us


Offering over 10 years with a complete vertically integrated operation across each country, impromundi offers an end to end solution for all its customers from fabric to shipment, using the latest technology and highest quality finishes.


Impromundi manufacturing plants are built to meet stringent environmental standards and can deliver a range of products from Outerwear to Soft Separates.

From a product development stage, Sample room in china with our technicians work closely with the group’s talented production and sample teams to execute over 2000 Sample P/annum based on customer requirements.

The group’s dedicated facilities ensure that it is able to deliver fast, cost-effective and high-quality Product to all customers. Impromundi is capable of delivering a wide range of printing and embellishment services, including manual and automatic screen prints as well as heat transfers with motifs, flocking and curing.

Our Capacity

Facilities: 1 Own Factory
No of Employees: 150
Production Capacity: 20,000 pieces per month

Facilities: Own Office with  Subcontracting  Factories
No of Employees: own 56

Facilities: Subcontracting 3 Factories
No of Employees: 400 in factories
Production Capacity: 25,000 pieces per month

Facilities: Subcontracting 2 Factories
No of Employees: 200 in factories
Production Capacity: 10,000 pieces per month

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